How do I create an iSeriesLink Application?


To create a new iSeriesLink Application, click [create new app…] from within the iSeriesLink Studio environment. Give the application a descriptive name, select the end-user's emulation, and optionally type in some notes describing the new application.

Your new application will appear on the side menu, under Link Apps. You will be able to select it at any time from there.

An application consists of events. Each event specifies the iSeries screen for which the event is defined, the function key to trigger the event, and the action to perform. When you first create your iSeriesLink Application, it will have no defined events. You will have to add the events by pressing the ADD button.

Before adding events to the Application, make sure to have defined the screens that are to be used by the application.

Once you have added some events to your iSeriesLink Application, you can click the "Compile and Download…" button to test your application out.

To edit the application description, click the "Edit…" button.

To delete an iSeriesLink Application, click the "Delete…" button.


An alternate way to create an iSeriesLink Application is to use the New Link App Wizard. Simply click on the [New App Wizard...] link and follow the questionnaire.