What are iSeriesLink Applications?


iSeriesLink Apps link iSeries Programs to PC and/or Web resources.

You can add a new function key or hot key to any existing iSeries or AS/400 screen. The key can trigger an event, such as opening a PC file, getting a URL, or running a PC program. The file name, URL, or parameters to the program can be different each time, depending on the data present on that particular screen.

With iSeriesLink, the changes to the end-user environment are minimal. iSeriesLink Applications do not require special emulation software. The users can continue to use standard AS/400 emulation software like Client Access PC5250, Rumba, Reflection, Synapse, or BOSâNOVA. iSeriesLink Apps do not require any special software to be installed on the iSeries or AS/400 either.

The end-result iSeriesLink Application is approximately a 200 KB exe file. When you run it, it will minimize itself into the system tray. Once the app is minimized, the programmed functionality is automatically present on the specified iSeries or AS/400 screens. See examples.

You can select the Auto-Start option to make the iSeriesLink App start automatically. This way, all iSeriesLink features will appear to end-users as inherent features of the system.